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Vaxian Empire Territories

Before 3013 the Vaxian Empire was one of the most powerful Empires at the time. They had much of the Vaxian Continent under their rule or at least treaties with existing political nations of many species. They also held several island territories in all parts of the Kadrass Ocean and had establishments that were taking root in Candenord. Their capital had moved around but for most of recent history it was Ramsalon

In 3013 the Shi Inkahan Empire invaded in what is known as the Naga Nori War The Shi Inkahan Empire won the war and had kept a select portion. Some remains of the Vaxian Empire had managed to survive and retreated to their island territories in the Eastern Kadrass.





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Iron Navy

Iron Navy

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The Iron Navy is the naval fleet of the Vaxian Empire and the largest navy in the world.

The headquarters of the Iron Navy are on the island of Argonn, but the primary repair and upkeep facilities for the ships are in the southern city of Ish Lavin All Iron Navy ships return to Ish Lavin twice a year for routine maintenance.

All merchant convoys operating within Empire waters or from Empire ports are offered a Royal Navy escort to protect them from Pirates

All Empire ships are wooden. Royal Navy ships are armed primarily with ballistas and archers, though the largest vessels also have small catapults. The Royal Labs have experimented with cannons and with metal-clad ships (and submarines, such as the Barrel of Monkeys), but there are no such vessels in active service.





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Balcazar Three Times is the current Emperor of the Vaxian Empire
Character Sheet

Balcazar was the son of a family that was in the highs circle of nobility for the Vaxian Empire. His father and mother were assassinated after his father had discovered a plot against Emperor Ronham and worked to stop it. It was then Ronham's court 'adopted' the boy (also as a means to seize his family's resources) and raised him. This would be the first time Wyndham and Balcazar would met as they became childhood friends. Then when Merguth developed the Drad program, collecting children from all around the empire, Emperor Ronham had Balcazar taken to demonstrate it was good for all, and not even nobility was spared.

He survived the Drad program, becoming one of the thirteen Drads for the Empire. By this time Wyndham had assumed the throne, and with their childhood friendship, the Drads were close to the Emperor thanks to Balcazar. So close that Wyndham even had them listed as his potential successor should he never have children. Just as Merguth had planned.

However the Black Hand Curse which controlled the Drads had began have some side effects, some of the drads became unstable, while others it was loosing its hold and their freewill. Wyndham was becoming more ruthless, out of control, and it was then some of the Drads turned against Wyndham and killed him - ensuring chaos would consume the Empire.

Balcazar was one that regained some of his freewill, and was given the throne as the two Drads before him were dead or could not be found. He saw what was happening would do no one good, so he sought the help of other Drads that have come to their senses to stablize what was going on. They managed to hold things together for the moment, but they were to pay a terrible price as they had disrupted Merguth's plan.

Time as Emperor

    First Term
    It started in 2980 after the death of Emperor Wyndham. Vekrul Dark One was dead, poisoned by Varianna Two Cold whom then disappeared, leaving Balcazar Three Times to take up the role of Emperor of Vaxia. However, a couple of years after he was Emperor, Merguth had strengthened the Black Hand Curse's hold upon him as he saw he could no long control Balcazar like he once did. Balcazar had regained his own will and was planning on loosing the control the empire had in some regions in order to further stabilize the people and move the Empire to a new era in wake of the oppressive regimes of Wyndham and Ronham.

    Wit the stronger effects Emperor Balcazar was starting to become unable to serve his position, but he saw what was happening with the other drads and named his General Augustus Razzaine to act in his place until he could recover. Then Balcazar fell into a coma, and Razzines rule under the title First General, began.

    Current Term
    In 3006 both Merguth and Augustus Razzaine hand vanished, whiched also caused the Black Hand curse to be lifted. Balcazar awoke from his coma, and reclaimed his position on the throne as Emperor of Vaxia. Things moved slow as he struggled to get his bearings, catch up what happened since his sleep, and trying to find out what happened to Razzine, while also managing the strife that was starting to divide the court.

    Then Shi Inkahan Invaded, with allegations of terrible crimes of the Vaxian Empire against its people. This further served to split the court, with part siding with the Inkahani and the rest with the Vaxian Empire. This weakend his position, but did not stop him. He did what he could to try and repel the invasion, but the Inkahani also had the help of some of the heroes that had turned the tide as they were sick of the neglect of the Vaxian Empire.

    Following the successful invasion of Vaxia by Shi Inkahan in early 3013, Balcazar fled the country along with various high-ranking officers and most of the Royal Labs Iron Navy and Iron Army He retains his claim to the throne of Vaxia, he is assumed to be on one of the few remaining island territories of the Vaxian Empire.



Drathan "Tasteless Seven" is the only Drad known to have freed himself from the Black Hand Curse Husband to Baroness Lousie Vixan and brother to Varianna. Considered to have originally been the most brainwashed Drad of them all (therefore the nickname "Tasteless"). He never spoke, laughed or appeared to have feelings at all. His methods of killing were quick and typically consisted of a single slice.


    Life: 70
    Endurance: 70
    Strength: 70
    Dexterity: 85
    Intelligence: 85
    Spirituality: 85
    Charisma: 70 Shadow Death - Art of Kill (combat): 110
    Air Magic: 120
    Art: 53

Drathan Family:

    Louise Vixan
    First Admiral Tarrant



Long ago, hundreds if not thousands of children were taken into captivity by Merguth of the Vaxian Empire Each child was put through rigorous testing and training to become heartless and extremely deadly killers. Only thirteen remained. Until recently, they were under the effects of the Black Hand Curse which was lifted when Merguth and Augustus Razzaine vanished. All the Drads were declared freed from service by Balcazar although a few remain in the employ of the Empire.

List of Drads

    Vekrul Dark 1 - Dead. Poisoned by Varianna soon after he ascended the throne.
    Varianna 2 Cold - Presumed dead. Actually married to Admiral Tarrant under an assumed identity.
    Balcazar 3 Times - In exile. Retains his claim to the title of Emperor of Vaxia.
    Jonny 4 Blades (possibly also called Phreor) - In exile. Working for the Empire.
    Sean 5 Seasons (possibly also called John) - Retired. Former ambassador to Candenord. Currently living with the Druids
    Reiya Song 6 - Retired. Living freely in Shi Inkahan with Sirya.
    Drathan Tasteless 7 - Retired. In Candenord, married to Baroness Louise Vixan.
    Slunyin Sly 8 - Dead. Killed near the end of Wyndham's reign by Drathan He was replaced briefly (and quite secretly) by Shale who was being groomed for the position, but he has not been seen for some time.
    Sirya Fine 9 - Retired. Living freely in Shi Inkahan with Reiya Ogsum 10 Tons - In exile. Working for the Empire.
    Sugy, Never 11 - Dead. Killed near the end of Wyndham's reign by Drathan.
    Alucrad, Bloody 12 - Exiled in Candenord.
    Justin Harane Lucky 13 (possibly also called John) - Current status unknown. Former ambassador to Shi Inkahan.

History of the Drads

The Beginning of the Drads:
Razzaine, notably, is from West Grom but he still was iron hard as always in squashing the insurrection. Merguth took East Grom by other means... psychological warfare... nightmares and fears.. and the fact is, East Grom suffered much more from the Wizard's siege, than West Grom from the Warrior's. Merguth always leaned to the dark side... it is inherent to wizards of his type..

Also, Wyndham founded the city of Ish-Lavin because finally it sank in the knowledge that they were not alone in the world, and Candenord and Shi-Inkahan were to be reckoned with.. so Ish-Lavin was designed as a military station for war vessels. And I don't doubt
Wyndham would had sent forth to conquer Candenord, were it not because he started having too much trouble with insurrection in his own land. People were not happy. Wyndham was too much of a hard line.. too strict... people were in rebelion all the time. He
started using Drads to install a regime of fear, but then Merguth had an idea......

..... 2000 children were recruted from all over vaxia, for training, at age 13. They trained for 13 years to become Drads. Unlike past times, this time, the total number of Drads should not exceed 13 elements. From 2000, only 13 graduated. The other 1987 men and women, were used as Royal Forces, or other places of the army, some were killed. All deserters were killed, that's for sure. And by the end of these 13 years of brain washing, which included heavy warrior lessons from The Warrior, the 13 men/women who survived and graduated, were cast a spell upon by The Wizard. This was called.... the Dark Ritual...

Merguth magically opened their chest and tatooed a Black Hand in each Drad's heart. The Drad's skin then became white and cold and their 'free will' was put to sleep. The Drads became the most efficient killing machines ever known, comparable to the Bashumatsus
of Shi-Inkahan only. And it worked! The 13 Drads terrorized the land under the orders of Wyndham, and squashed all rebellions, imposing an amazing pax romana among the people, where the slightest insurrection was quickly washed away in blood. Some of their terror techniques included digging the grave of their Mark before hand, and leaving it open. It became famous that those graves became occupied by the next day. It was like an advanced death sentence. Other things they did, is name an AnDrad to command them in missions. They act very robotically when in fight-mode.. reliable machines they were. The Black Hand also served to distort and twist any self thoughts or feelings emerging from the heart it was grasping. Any Drad who has any ideas about thinking on his own, would go crazy.

The Drad Numbers:
Very few, but that is what is happening to emperor Balcazar, Drad number 3. Each Drad is numbered by rank from 1 to 13, and since Wyndham never had any children, they are the inheritors of the throne when Wyndham dies. Some things to notice from Belial, the old drad captain before the Dark Ritual, had a problem with Razzaine about this and became rogue.

The original line up was:

1 Vekrul the Dark One .. son of a rich man, but a natural killer. Kills by instinct and pleasure and sport. Very very good at it. Probably the best killer of all times.
2 Varianna, Too Cold .. this is Drathan's sister.. master of poisons.. terrible b** she was.
3 Balcazar, Three Times .. a methodical man... best as a tool, not as a leader...
4 Phreor, Four Blades .. another crazy b**d who prefers to fight with 4 swords at the same time, 2 in each hand. He would be the best fighter in the world if he dropped the 2 extra swords, but is too proud and stupid. Cousin to Never Eleven
5 John, Five Seasons.. the oldest one. He was not taken at 13. He was a Drad with Belial before the Dark Ritual. Wise, mature man.
6 Reiya, Song Six... a woman.. sister to 10 tons.. tempered and daring.. but sadly robotized..
7 Drathan, Tasteless Seven... he was probably the most brainwashed of them all, therefore the nickname Tasteless. He was a machine, .. didnt talk or laugh.. didnt seem to have feelings or even fancy in his strikes. His killings were all just... one slice and the show's over.. no pay per view guy.. therefore tasteless. Brother to Varianna.
8 Slunyin, Sly Eight .. all the opposite, this man enjoyed being a Drad, and had a quirk for mechanics and traps and torture and torture devices and secrecy and shadows..
9 Sirya, Fine Nine... a woman.. beautiful body... very very pretty.. very very deadly. Tall blonde blue eyed killer.
10 Ogsum, Ten Tons.. a brute.. a giant.. brother of song six... exchanged all his grey mass for muscle mass at birth. Hard to knock down... easy to convince.
11 Sugy, Never Eleven, the worst drad of all. Lacked skill, was just an easy to hate personality type.. the black sheep. Cousin to 4 blades, was his only source of respect.
12 Alucrad, Bloody Twelve... he wasn't really so bloody. Only sometimes he went real beserk. But that was forbidden, .. so he was banished.
13 Jonny, Lucky Thirteen.. the youngest one. Taken at age 7. Not a bad guy. .. a young soul imprisoned in a Drad coat..







Augustus Razzaine

Augustus Razzaine was a famous figure in Ramsalon and the Vaxian Empire serving as its First General for nearly thirty years, during which time Emperor Balcazar lay comatose and Razzaine held total Imperial power. Prior to this, he was part of a famous duo known in legends and stories as the Warrior and the Wizard, consisting of himself and the wizard Merguth. As First General, Razzaine oversaw the Darkest Night and the Second Orc War as well as contributing the Empire's assistance to Candenord and Shi Inkahan during civil disputes of their own.

Early History
Not much is known about Razzaine's early history. He went on many journeys with Merguth as "the Warrior and the Wizard," but many of these tales have likely been exaggerated over the span of generations of storytelling. It is believed that, some time after Necromos merged with Kosmo and (possibly) became fragmented as a result, Razzaine and Merguth made a deal with one of these fragments, and Razzaine became immune to magic as a result, while Merguth went slowly insane.

Emperor Wyndham
Razzaine served as First Commander of the Iron Army at the time that Wyndham became Emperor of Vaxia. Some time during this period, or perhaps before, he was trained in the Vaxian Shadow Death style of combat, like the Drads and other high-ranking military officials.

Wyndham was eventually assassinated by those Drads for his cruelty, and in a complex but rapid series of events, Balcazar became Emperor. However, his reign was short lived as he soon went mad for exercising free will in calling for Drathan's aid. He fell into a coma, at which time Razzaine declared himself First General of the Vaxian Empire and assumed the entirety of Balcazar's power in the interim.

As First General
The first twenty years of Razzaine's command were relatively peaceful. It was during this time that he assisted Belosarios of Candenord to unite the feuding Five Kingdoms under his own banner, strengthening ties with that nation. He also offered assistance during the Red Lotus War in Shi Inkahan.

Razzaine's reign was punctuated by the return of Necromos, who instigated the Darkest Night with the assistance of the gnomish animancer the Whirler. It was during this time that the Red Witch Hickorigatta was beheaded by Razzaine himself in Ramsalon, using the Dragon Sword.

Ramsalon weathered this catastrophe, and Razzaine led a number of rebuilding and revitalization efforts, including the paving and sanctification of Death Row, often the seat of Necromos' power in Ramsalon, to replace it with the housing tenements of Beth Bow He also built Congreth Kane Castle on the spot where the Shanty Town once stood, and moved its former citizens to Beth Bow. It was around this time that Shinkantown came into existence, populated primarily by refugees from the Red Lotus War.

Razzaine also ordered the formal creation of the Royal Labs which incorporated a number of the mind mages that already existed in the form of the court sorcerer and his cabal. The Labs were created to study the Black Oil Plague that came as part of the Darkest Night, and to reverse-engineer the Whirler's machines for use by the Empire. This ultimately resulted in the invention of the Automatons The Yeek Orrtek was placed in charge of the Royal Labs by Razzaine in exchange for his cleverness and knowledge of the mysterious metal yeekpewter, which vastly improved the automaton design.
Some time after the Darkest Night, Razzaine declared the Groms free states.

Second Orc War
In the year 3002 AC, Necromos rose again and declared war against the Vaxian Empire, having rebuilt and repopulated the ruins of Ghuundagor razed almost 3000 years earlier by Ramsen I The declaration was made during a tournament at Kane Coliseum after which Orcs began pouring out of the newly- and secretly-built Underpass portal in Beth Bow. The orcs were driven from the city when Father Pero managed to deactivate the portal.

At that time, Razzaine declared war in turn, and led the Iron Army west through Jorkana to Ghuundagor. This was the first time the Iron Army deployed automatons in battle. As well, his coalition consisted of forces from the Elves Shi Inkahan, and Candenord, bringing the full strength of his army to nearly one million men, women, and machines. This coalition army was evenly matched by Necromos' orc army, and in the battle that followed, there were incalculable casualties. Necromos raised the fallen from both sides as Zombies and during this final battle, in the shadow of Mount Fang, a weakened and exhausted Necromos fled and his army was defeated.

Razzaine ordered the formation of the Victory City penal colony after the war, and connected it to Ramsalon by having the Royal Labs reactivate Necromos' Underpass portal and recommission it for the Empire's own use.

In 3006 AC, Razzaine apparently decided he had accomplished everything he could, or that he wanted to, and left for Nebrak and dove to the bottom of Lake Nebrak, where a mysterious portal existed connected to another realm (sometimes referred to in legends as the "Sea of Stars"). He vanished from the world at this time, never to return, and Merguth vanished with him, taking the Dragon Sword and Armor with them.

With Merguth's disappearance, the Black Hand Curse was finally lifted, and the Drads were free from its effects and their subservience to the Empire. Balcazar awoke from his coma, completely free from his madness, and resumed his position as Emperor of Vaxia. Kire Cordock took Razzaine's place as First General, and Racine Moonsword replaced Kire as First Commander.

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