System Rules. Area of Effect

Area of Effect Fields

What is meant by an Area of Effect Fields

    It is about creating an area or field of a certain distance by targeting an area in the environment instead of individual targets.
    While one is standing in it they will experience an intended effect (this can be damage, a debuff, or buff)
    If one moves out of this field, then they no longer gain the intended effect.

With AoE Fields, the effect doesn't move with the target - it remains stationary as it was an area that was targeted. This makes movement and placement of targets a key component in their use.

AoE fields are not tied to an aspect, instead it is just about trying to give more options for using skills.

Rules for creating an AoE Field:

  • Base difficulty starts out at 25
  • PP/7 determined effect strength and round duration
  • PP generated determined 'size'
      0-15 effect took 1 round of basic moving to get out of
      16-30 effect took 2 rounds of basic moving to get out of
      31-45 effect took 3 rounds of basic moving to get out of

Using action moves to get out of the AoE

  • Base Difficulty is 25
  • If the move action matches the PP generated for the aoe effect then it will move the character out of the aoe field completely, and the character doesn't take the effect hit
  • If the move action does not, it shortens the distance needed
      (Subtract the PP generated by the move, which will give the remaining rounds of basic moving needed)

AoE fields always go last in Order of Actions - meaning the effect does not take place until after other actions.
For example: If someone simply just used a basic move to walk out of a single round distance effect, they suffered only one 'tick' of the effect (in this case it was a damage one).
However if they had tried an action moved in the same round and succeeded - then the character wouldn't take any tick of the aoe.

Additionally characters may still be able to use the usual actions in game to try and negate or avoid the AoE effects if they chose to.




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