Ramsalon Populace

The General Population of Ramsalon

Status of Organization: Active as it is the current population of the city of Ramsalon and surrounding townships/villages that depend on Ramsalon
Active Membership: Hundred of Thousands potentially - one of the most populated cities on the Vaxian Continent
Where Based and Areas of Influence: City of Ramsalon - influence stretches over the northern peninsula area
Leadership: Shi Inkahan Empire
Criminal Justice System: Ramsalon Laws and Criminal Justice System
Distinguishing Marks: Banner of Ramsalon (if anyone remembers what that looks like let us know)

The city of Ramsalon was founded by Kane Foraiya, the first Emperor of the Vaxian Empire after a cataclysmic event. In time as the Empire grew and the city also grew, Ramsalon eventually became its capital with its capabilities to be well defended and port access. Then in the Naga Nori War the Vaxian Empire was unseated by the Shi Inkahan Empire and Ramsalon is now their base territory on the Vaxian Continent.

The general population are the everyday citizens of this city.
Among this group are the homeless and poorest of the people which occupy areas that have been patched up but not truly fixed. There are plenty of abandoned buildings since the invasion, especially close to areas which suffered damage to great to afford to be repaired just yet. Parts of the Beth Bow had been refurbished to try and house the increased homeless population of people that had lost everything in the invasion, but much of that still remains in a slum like state though some areas have managed to rebuild to a more lower end middle class like state.

Then there are the middle class to the lower end of the upper class (basically upper class citizens that just haven't made it to the nobility mark.) Many of those people tend to be the shop/inn owners, well to do merchants and traders that are a key part of day to day going ons of the city. These groups do tend to look down on the poorer people, but since the invasion many have sought to take more charitable actions towards those that had been truly affected.

Any citizen of Ramsalon is given protection and rights as granted by their laws, and it is carried out by the appropriate groups within the city. This even applies to small villages and town ships that depend on Ramsalon and are technically part of the city and do not have a local government of their own.

To become a citizen one just moves to Ramsalon and declares they wish to make the city their home. There is often a period of time where official documents are drawn up to establish tax rates and property needs if they apply (this is especially if a business owner looking to move here). Lastly there is a small ceremony to where the person must swear fealty to the ruling body. (None of this is required should a non citizen wish to rent out a home at one of the many boarding houses or inns for a great length of time, they are quite use to transient type people that come in for anywhere of a couple of weeks to years before moving on. Though houses and other property purchased will be subjected to taxing and official documents drawn up so there will be a paper trail.)

Gaining reputation with the general population mostly involves doing acts that benefit the people - be it an individual or a larger group of them, looking out for their needs, treating them well.

Loosing reputation largely involves committing acts that harm the people, or ignoring their needs, and treating them like crap. (this does not include all law breaking as that largely depends on the situation - for example someone may gain rep with the general population if they stole from a greedy noble and used the goods to build shelter or give supplies to those in need, though if they were robbing shop owners and ended up damaging the property or even hurting bystanders in the way then they would lose rep.)





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