Phantasm and Mental Effects

What is meant by Phantasm and Mental Effects

In short Illusions and other non damaging mental type effects meant to wear down a target.

These can have some overlap with crowd control so its key to be clear on what the end intent with the action is. If its meant to be a more quick and temporary thing as a means to incapacitate then the Crowd Control Effects rules may be used.

However the following is more about effects which are meant to be more long term in a scene, such as wearing down an opponent to make them flee the scene or surrender without using damage type effects. In essence an alternative to dealing damage to achieve similar goals.

It will use the Life score:

  • It acts as phsyical HP (how much actual damage before unconscious/death)
  • It also acts as a mental pool meter as well - serving as a numerical gauge on how effective non damaging actions effect the target overtime, beyond temporary effects as they have been.

This will work similar to taking actual damage - though the difference is it only affects the target mentally/socially.

The pool can only go to 0
Once at 0 the target will then be considered completely under the influence of whatever action was set in motion (ie in case of being frightened the target will no longer be able to act in anyway completely consumed by fear, and may even flee the scene removing them from the situation)
A/SHs may set a higher target of which the NPC is completely under the effect, however for cases of PVP and tournaments, it should be the same as if taking actual damage.

The pool can be recovered

  • The target can make a Spir and Cha roll with a diff of 25+ cumulative pp generated (just like the physical hardcore rules).
      In the cases of NPCs A/SHS can have the flexibility of designated a point of no return, which is once the NPC hits a threshold.
  • Others may try and help the target resist in morale boosting actions, similar to how healing actions recover HP.
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