Oni War

Oni War


Yujin is one of the younger noble houses of Shi Inkahan. Unlike many noble houses, they do not draw their descent from a hero of the ancient age, but from the House of the Sun itself, through a more modern hero: Xiao Yujin, youngest son of the Emperor Matsuzawa, who was sent west around 2700AC, tasked by his father with protecting the lands of Shi Inkahan from the oni in the Land of Witches. He founded a noble house across the Red Dragon Mountains, on the border between Shi Inkahan and the Land of Witches.

The Yujin family protected Shi Inkahan well until the Fifth Oni Wars in the early 3010s, when they were wiped out almost to a man. The only survivor was Yujin Mikazo, youngest son of the daimyo's youngest brother, who went on to recruit and lead the forces that won the Oni War, and then became Emperor.


The Mage Hunters

The Mage Hunters

  • Active membership: Unknown
  • Based: Lake Optunia
  • Leadership: Unknown, possibly worldwide
  • Sessions: Quietly Returning, Saved from the noose, Unexpected Assassin, Well... then..., A Storm Descends Part 1 The Crescent Moon Theatre A Storm Descends Part 2 The Fall of the Mage's Guild, Violence begets violence, Winda sifts through parchment, I know that institute, A Complicated Escort Mission, Soiled Hat, The Frankel Institute Tour, The Frankel Institute Tour Part 2, The Frankel Institute Tour Overnight Study, He and his power will not last, Stormhold Tenth Annual Tournament of Champions, Intense negotiations, Sessions and Sagas/A request for an army
  • Forum post: http://vaxia.org/forums/five-months

Notable symbols:

Ring: The ring rumored to be found on all eight bodies recovered from the Ramsalon Mountains. The ring is simple silver with an etching of a hand, palm open, with light emitting from it, and crossing on top of that is an 'X.'

Cloak: Heavy hooded cloak, multiple layers, with hidden compartments. It goes down to the ankles, as well as has sleeves, but those sleeves are hidden by layers. Very heavy, almost cumbersome. Along a section of the collar, is a splash of white. To one side, not the center.

Weapons: Standard weapons with antimagic placed upon them. As well as poisons made from the desert cactus Optunia (it is a green liquid with no known antidote, but charcoal can delay death). Antimagic orbs that stop spells or disrupt them.

Ramsalon History The Mage Hunters are often, mistakenly, called 'The Mage Bane.' This would be because of a series of incidents carried out in early 3006AC.

During the winter season of 3006AC, a rash of murders began to occur. Antimagic at the crime scenes prevented divination and magical tracking, causing the Town Guard, as well as others, to scour for clues. Soon enough, the profile of the perpetrator began to appear: someone was hunting, torturing and killing mages. After more murders and a few taunting messages from someone calling him or herself 'The Mage Bane,' Ramsalon was in a bit of a tizzy. United efforts by the Town Guard, the Mage Guild and mercenaries seemed to yield very results even as the crimes spread into the forest as well.

Somewhat mysteriously, the crimes stopped, with the 'why' and 'who' unanswered, in early Spring 3006AC. The only clues left behind were confiscated by the Town Guard: antimagic knuckle blades, a few handwritten notes.

The only two updates since then were rumors of eight cloaked bodies being found in the Mountains outside of Ramsalon, wearing cloaks similar to the one worn by The Mage Bane

And a few weeks after that, flyers all over Ramsalon claiming that the Mage Bane would return.

A total of thirty-seven deaths were linked to the Mage Hunters and/or the Mage Bane over the course of a few weeks.

Shi Inkahan History:

From the Royal Library, there is a listing called "Abomination Assassins". The listing reads:

"In late 2988, a group began to organize themselves, as others had before, to rid the land of the Lom Gunji and any other creature that was such a horror. While not sanctioned, they seem to find themselves within the boundary of the law.

Many considered them a necessary enforcement arm, as they would hunt down rumor of creatures and provide honor with the death of the afflicted. However, they soon began to find themselves a focus of the samurai as magic users began to die as well.

One such incident, was when a holy priest was found dead and the Abomination Assassin captured claimed the priest was secretly a Lom Gunji. That caused them to be outlawed by many Daimyo and even bounties placed for finding or capturing them.

With the founding of GHOUL and the decision to force deportation or face execution, this secretive group began to fade.

Common clothing was a dark cloak with a splash of white upon the collar. They were said to carry weapons that neutralized the force of the abomination. As well as a ring, that had a hand with the symbol for light emitting from it. It was said to represent the light of humanity that would not be snuffed out.

Their membership did not look to be Shi Inkahan, but from the Vaxian Continent Perhaps Iskrania or the Iron Desert."

Iskrania History:
The Frankel Institute was founded in 2985AC by Les Danstrome to research the connection between magic and people. Its primary goals are to understand the biological differences between those born with magic ability, those who develop it later in life, and those without any ability. They have published dozens of articles about their findings, and are only well known in academic circles.

They fund their research through textiles and winery.

In 3006AC, White Rose University received a map from the Frankel Institute that showed Lake Opuntia was dried up and returned to the desert.

Recent History: In 3012AC, during the Fifth Oni War, at the Battle of the Nagatin Gates, a group of seventy-five to a hundred cloak individuals waved towards the Ramsalon contingent and they were wearing the ring of the Mage Hunters. Oral reports had them fighting the Oni, as well as coming to the assistance of many throughout the battle. However, just as they had arrived, they disappeared as quietly.

In 3013AC, during the Naga Nori War rumor has it a series of incidents during the Ramsalon siege. Those incidents included the death of battle mages from both sides. The mages had been tortured.

In late spring, the Mage Hunters were removed to be the cause of three mages deaths during an illusion show at the Grand Park Quietly Returning

Then again, another set of mages was murdered within the home of an alchemist. Saved from the noose Soon thereafter, flyers began to appear around town, saying this: To the people of Ramsalon, during your greatest need, and during your greatest pain, where were your mages?

You're welcome. For this, and for what we will do in your honor.

Unexpected Assassin: A historian for the Emperors named Shan Zixin was uncovered as a Mage Hunter. He gave information that the group had left Shi Inkahan due to the policy of sending abominations to GHOUL, and without a proper cover they left the continent to focus elsewhere. They turned their attention to Ramsalon, as well as dealing with the battles in Iskrania due to the Followers of Light His job was to rewrite history to be sympathetic to their cause, and lay the groundwork for their return to Shi Inkahan decades from now. However, his decision to assassinate Winda revealed him.

As spring passed and summer set in, the papers were rampant with stories of mages dying in torturous manners, or disappearing. Numbers seemed to put the losses at over a hundred.

In mid-summer, during a hurricane, the Mage Hunters struck the Crescent Moon Theatre a focal point of the mage effort to weaken or divert the storm. During the slaughter, several people arrived and began to fight back on behalf of the mages. In time, they were able to spare the mages, kill the Mage Hunters and get the efforts back on track to diminish the storm.

However, the Mage Guild of Ramsalon was also struck and all the dimensional castings to hide dozens of multi-level hallways, and passages exploded out across the block. Also, they suffered some heavy losses, but again a group seemed aware of the situation and were able to save what could have been far, far worse.

After the storm, all went quiet.. with barely any unusual deaths reported as summer turned into fall.

A Complicated Escort Mission: In the fall, during an escort mission in Ish Lavin Illecebra attended a mage's ball and was able to hinder an attack by the mage hunters upon the performers there. However, hours later there made another assault in a crowned suite and did fell several mages, and party members. She was able to end the life of all of them. During that time, they let her know they were not done with Ramsalon, and that their setbacks only spurred them on for more assaults with plants to fell Stormhold and the Brotherhood of Arms.

The Frankel Institute Tour: Weeks later, Winda in disguise, Doctor Aureant as the leader, and Lady Kavia as an interested party, was part of a tour of the Frankel Institute in Iskrania. They found out about many things, and the institute came out seeming on the up and up. However, she had stolen a pamphlet about antimagic Potions and was able to get a sample of an previously unknown flower imbued with antimagic properties from a pair of the students. Even so, the tour, the reputation, and the science all seemed sound, groundbreaking and important.

The Frankel Institute Tour Part 2, The Frankel Institute Tour Overnight Study: A week after the first tour, the group returned to view a provocation session that involved slowly angering, then beating, before finally torturing the person with a burrowing slug from Ox Lake. The session was a success, in that the subject cast magic for the first time in his life. Afterward, they began to leave, but Doctor Aureant's clever redirection and enhancing of the subject's love magic, was able to secure Winda and Lady Kavia chances to spend the night.

Winda disposed of Kaitlin, and Lady Kavia was able to get Les Danstrome alone, and doing so, they broke into his office. After ransacking some things, and finding a magical hidden door, Danstrome (who had freed himself), knifed Lady Kavia, and threatened to let her die before they agreed to talk things out.

In time, evidence began to mount that it was not Danstrome, but his Uncle that had been leader of the Mage Hunters. An Uncle that had access to the Institute and had helped guide his nephew since its inception.

After months of silence in Ramsalon, during the Stormhold Tenth Annual Tournament of Champions, they laid siege. Using poisoned caltrops they made it difficult for people to flee, and they subdued the healers and the amphitheater by coating it in antimagic dust from exploding arrowheads. They demanded a few people be handed over, but in the end were subdued.

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