Military Organization



  • Status of Organization: Active
  • Active Membership: A few hundred to a thousand
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence: Red Dragon Mountains in Shi Inkahan
  • Leadership: TBD
  • Legal Status:
  • Distinguishing Marks:
  • Known Enemies:
  • Known Allies:

As the neth clans in the Red Dragon Mountain chain grew, many more threats presented themselves. To keep fighting between the Nethar clans the leaders had met and decided to form a group that would select individuals from each of the clans to form an order of warriors to help protect the best interests of the nethar clans and take on some of the more strange enemies to come their way such as strange and mutated creatures, called oni, at their frontlines.

With the recent expansion and changes within the Shi Inkan empire, the Chakkatama find themselves looking outward into the world to discover new ways to fight their old enemies.

Not unlike an order of paladins or knights, members of the Chakkatama (translated roughly to Ignited Souls) have to be fully committed to their cause, holding values of honor, bravery, and fearlessness in highest regard. As with their society in general, they are organized in a strictly militaristic fashion, eschewing the typical matriarchal hierarchy of other Nethar and placing the most value on individual merit.

Aspirants to the order of the Chakkatama are accepted only if they have proved to be outstanding examples of their societal values, as well as highly capable in battle. Whether that's with magic or physical might, they don't discriminate. After a period of serving as initiates, individuals deemed ready by the council of three generals are allowed to undergo the process by which one truly becomes part of the order. This is not to be taken lightly, as it involves taking on attributes of the oni in order to become better suited to fighting them.

Chakka-no-higi (ignition ceremony) is an event sacred to the order. The initiate must find and capture the oni they wish to join with, and results are not guaranteed. If the initiate ends up too changed, or changed in ways that disqualify them from being in the order, they are killed. Successful rituals leave the initiate physically altered, taking on attributes from the oni, as well as imparting an ability (or multiple, depending on the level of success) from the subject to better help fight against them. (These abilities must be reflected as a skill(s) on the character sheet.)

If they make it through the ordeal, the initiate is then considered a full member of the Chakkatama. They're considered special forces, often the first on site for battle. Chakkatama members are generally treated with reverence and respect, though there is some underlying controversy among the general population of these Nethar concerning them. It is hard for some to reconcile their long fight against the enemy with the fact that these warriors now share some of their attributes.

It is rare for a member to leave the order on their own, but if they wish to leave they surrender any item bearing the order's insignia and then undergo a small ritual which seals away their memories of the order's secrets. This is to protect the order should a former member get captured.

Should a member violate the values of the order and their clans then they shall be expelled, usual left in the heart of the land of witches with no armor, weapons, supplies, and their magic sealed so they can not use it. Some situations the order may execute the offending member.





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