Fae Species

Fae Species



  • Lifespan: - Unknown - mature around 200-300 years.
  • Typical Height: - 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet 6 inches
  • Typical Build: - Lithe
  • Distinctive Traits: - Blue skin
  • Where Found: - Nymph Colony in the East Kadrass

Physiology and Appearance

      The Female Nymph is not only the fairer of the two genders, but the more dominant of the two in almost all abilities. Standing at a height that ranges generally from 5'3 to 6'3 with generally at even their maximum height only weight as much as 155 pounds. The female Nymph frame is very thin compared to a frame of a human or even Elven female. The hips are much smaller, and the bust generally can be much smaller as well. Typically the female Nymph not only excels in Magical abilities, but tends to be more agile than the male gender.
      The female nymph's skin tone is the same as the male Nymph, ranging from a lighter blue hue to a darker blue tone; this does not differ nor does eye color. Yet, the female Nymph has a typically attribute of blue hair as well. In very rare cases about 1/100 female Nymphs are born with either a white or a black tone in their hair.


      The Nymph males are typically tall creatures much like their female counterparts. A fully developed Nymph male height ranges from 5'6 to 6'6, typically even at their tallest most male Nymphs will never reach a weight of more than 275 pounds. Male nymphs are typically very nimble, and are typically rather lean well built. It is like most races where the male is the strong of the two genders; this does not differ for Nymphs. Yet, because Nymphs are magical creatures a completely physical male Nymph is still something of a great rarity. With proper conditioning any creature can become gradually stronger, this is also true with the Nymphs.
      A male nymph’s skin tone ranges from a light blue hue, to a darker blue tone, their hair although ranges from white, silver, to grey. Male nymphs as well have blue toned eyes.


      This is actually one of the most kept secrets in the Nymph society. It isn't a well-known fact about the Nymph race. These magical creatures of nature seem to almost be immortal. There are no records of a Nymph ever dying of old age. Yet, a Nymph can be murdered by traditional means. The only known manner of death for a Nymph is by external means. It seems that upon reaching physical maturity no longer do Nymphs physically age. Physical maturity ranges from the ages of 200 and 300. The oldest Nymph alive in the Colony is the physical goddess *Nyasha* being rumored to be well above 8,000 years old.

      Because of the worry of over populating, breeding is done very rarely. Gestation for a nymph typically spans around 31 months, a Nymph fetus takes and extremely long time to gestate, and because of this and the fear of overpopulation breeding is not done often. Most of the time, breeding is only done upon the death of another member in the colony or if by any chance a member should leave the colony. Both of these circumstances are infrequent and rarely happen.

    General Anatomy

      The Nymph anatomy is very unique if not greatly confusing. There is actually very little known about the Nymph anatomy saying that No surgeon or healer has ever gotten ahold of a Nymph's corpse to examine the Anatomy.

      We'll start with the most...unusual features of the Nymph's Physiology, the hearts... Yes, as in two... instead of having one heart in their chest cavity the nymph has two, each serving a different purpose. The left heart functions as the primary vessel for the distribution of blood. The left heart is much like the typical human heart with two upper atriums and the two lower ventricles to pump the blood. The right heart, not only serves as a backup function, but is more directly tied in with the pulmonary arteries; the right heart serves as the secondary functioning heart should the first one not work. The secondary heart beats at a much slower rate, where as the primary heart rate ranges between 60 to 80 beats per minute, the secondary heart rate ranges from 30 to 60 beats per minute. The secondary heart also serves as a sustaining function when under water. The nymph body has more tiny capillaries on the surface of the skin, these capillaries actually have a different function than most human capillaries, each capillary has the ability to draw oxygen from the surface of the skin, and these capillaries are connected to the main aorta of the secondary heart which pumps the overly oxygenated blood to the lungs.

      Nymphs are cold blooded and not only that their blood is not based on the same components that a humanoid creature's blood is... The Nymph blood is primarily composed of simple sugars; there is something very plant like about the makeup of the blood in a Nymph. Nymph blood not only runs blue but when in contact with air still stays blue. Nymph blood is generally; cool to the touch, sweet, and blue. Because there are two hearts, the Nymph body carries much more blood than a human body would. Since the Water Nymph is cold blooded, they are resistant to Cold, this does not mean that Cold spells do not affect them; this means that normal weather conditions do not make their bodies feel cold.

      The stomach is generally smaller in a Nymph being at average the size of an adult's fist. This enables the Nymphs to consume much less nourishment than most other creatures would need to. Although, where many creatures must eat at least 3 times a day, a Nymph must drink at least 12 fluid ounces of water a day to keep hydrated.

    Abilities within the Colony

      It is said that the colony where a Nymph lives is magical in itself. Right now, the only known existing colony is on the Island of winter far out in the ocean from the Argonn islands.
      In their natural habitat Nymphs have an ability to *Commune with Nature* this gives the Nymphs the ability to use Plant and Animal empathy. Also, Nymphs are enabled a *Empathic Link* with each and every single nymph in the colony. But, because of the mass amount of members in the colony most of the time this empathic ability is ignored, then often taken for granted, most find the constant hum of the emotions of each and every single Nymph in the colony almost maddening, so many of the older Nymphs have learned to shut out this ability... Although, upon exit of the colony all innate magical abilities are lost, except for their water magic, and any other supernatural magical traits (this would be any magic that has been *bough* with xp)

      Water Magic
      All Nymph must have a base water magic ability at 25, Not only must a nymph be able to control the water in it's area, a nymph must be able to use it's water magic for water breathing, and water form to take the form of water. This is the very essence of Nymph life, they are magical creatures of the element water

          The ability to create and manipulate things of water. Another ability it grants the spellcaster is the ability take on aspects of water, such as it's fluidity or the ability to exist unhindered in it, a.k.a. breathe water. The last ability, like all the other elements, it allows the caster to move through water. Be it moving unhindered through it like a fish swimming in it or using pools of water to instantly hop to another known pool of water or a different location within the water.


    Inside the Nymph colony they have a very tight society structure broken down into a *Caste* system, each Nymph from birth is set into an unspoken *Caste* system, because of a nymph's bloodline each already knows which caste it will be set upon, and gender also determines a caste system.

    Amongst the highest Caste there are the Royals, who are rumored to fall under the bloodline of the Nymph patron goddess Ikara. These Nymphs are the historians, and the keepers of all sacred, and ancient Mythology. They are also the Law keepers and are amongst the oldest of the race. Rumor has it that the youngest member of the Royals caste is 800 years old.

    Next is the Breeders, these are the male Nymphs of the Royals caste, although no Male is allowed to be a part of the Royals, they have their own caste system. The male nymphs of this caste are the only males that are permitted the right to breed.

    After this, there are no real specifically named castes more than specific tasks. There are hunters and gatherers, care takers, and the scholars.

    In the Nymph society the females are the dominant of the race, where the males are left to be segregated on separate sections of the colony upon the age of maturity when a child can live only with his father.

    It is also that inside the society, Elvish is spoken, it is their native language, due to the relations the Nymphs have with the Sea Elves and their close kinship. Also, there is no written history as told before, thus, most Nymphs do not read nor write, because they have never had to, yet highly intelligent, it would be easy to learn.

        Within the society there are very strict laws, and punishment. These laws are expected to be upheld with the highest of seriousness. Although, like most cultures no matter how strict the law, there is never a reasoning behind each of this laws.

        Breeding is to be only done by Nymphs within the chosen castes, and is NEVER to be done for reasons other than for expanding the population. Never shall a Nymph breed with a creature from any other race. Racial purity is strictly kept within the society. Matters such a love, passion, and sexuality are never spoken about nor are taught. Breeding for such reasons are seen as distasteful, and disrespectful to the goddess. This also means there are no practices such as Marriage Nymphs do not *couple* up with each other because Love is not spoken about ever. There are however, unique cases where arranged marriages are done. These practices are few and far between.

        No one, at any time shall leave the colony, nor shall have any interaction with other races, except for the rare occasion of Sea Elves.

        History is to be kept by word of mouth. There shall be no written documents, nor shall Nymphs ever write.

        Each and every law has but one punishment...death.

Other information of interest:

Myths, Legends, and Dogma:
The following is simply the beliefs and myths of the Nymphs in Vaxia.

    According to legend, all life was created by a being known only as *The Creator*, although not much is known about this *Creator* there has never been a physical description, the only thing that is known is the creator is believed to be a being of pure energy.
    It is said the Creator molded the existence over a long period of time. First creating the Realms other dimensions to house the gods and goddesses that he assigned to take control over each section in existence.
      A realm for the Elementals: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

      A realm for the god of Time: keeper of the past, present and future.

      A realm for the goddess of nature: the keeper of all that is found in nature.

      A realm for the Earth: This is where all creatures shall begin, and all life will live, the waters, the ground, plants, and animals...

      And two realms for the Afterlife: Places for the souls of the mortals to exist upon their death.

    After the creation of the Realms, and the earth, *The Creator* saw it fit to finally create the beings that would exist on the world. Little is talked about the other races, yet the Sea Elves, and The Nymphs are talked about widely in nymph myths.

    It is said that Elves and Nymphs come from a common ancestor, that once they were all the same creatures of nature, and magic. Until one day, a section of these creatures became curious about the various elements, and magics. This is where life separated... from here Land Elves, and Sea elves were created. Through time and magical intervention Sea Elves soon evolved into the creatures now known as nymphs.

    It is believed that the patron goddess of the Nymphs forced the evolution of the Nymph race... It is said, she took 10 Sea elves and placed them on a land of extreme cold, with a single hot springs in the center, this hot spring was given magical properties to watch over the children she was creating... it was said that the goddess took some of her own blood and mended it through the gills of the sea elves, causing them to close and breath air through lungs. It is then that the race soon became to grow and is the full race that it is today.

    Over 10,000 years ago a creature showed up... A Nymph woman by the name of *Nyasha* she is the avatar of the patron goddess, and speaks the word of the goddess even today, and teaches the laws, and history of the Nymph race.

    The Island in the Mist
      The entire Nymph race is very centralized. Nearly every Nymph in the known world spawns, and lives on the same island. Nymphs unlike humans are very few in their population. There is estimated 1 Nymph per every 500 humans on the planet. This is due to the strict mating traditions.

      The colony itself is broken apart in 2 separate colonies. To the east of the island lies the female colony, ruled by the Avatar Nyasha, the female Nymphs are considered the more dominant of the species, thus the female territory is far larger and more plentiful than the male territory to the west. Each colony has a land mark and a centralized gathering area at one of the 2 waterfalls on the island.

      The east falls are vastly more impressive in size to the west falls. Heavy growths of exotic flora surrounds the falls, where in contrast the western falls have a very dark, and rocky terrain.

      Three major rivers flow through the island in which all meet in the very center, spilling into a deep lake. The lake itself rests over a naturally occuring hot springs. Although, since the lake is very deep instead of being boiling over the lake stays a rather warm temperature ranging in the 70's to 80's.

      A river runs through the north and south of the Island, coming in through a hidden cavern to the north and exiting through another cavern to the south. These two cavern entrances leads into the side of the steep cliffs surrounding the island. It is said here that these caverns are hallowed grounds and are used for secret rites performed by the upper castes of the elders.

      Right after the caves there is a thick jungle. In these jungles there is rumored to be every sort of mythological beast known to man. The island itself could be called the Eden of magic. At least the Nymphs believe so. Unicorns, griffons, and others such beasts roam through the Jungles of the islands.

      The one thing to notice on the island is that there is no developments, the Nymph creatures who rule over the Island, are very archaic. There are no buildings, no huts, no nothing like that, no sign of trees being cut down, or anything. But in the sacred areas in the caverns a few alters have been built with flowers handpicked, but that is all.







Independent Elven Clans

Independent Clans

Independent clans are elven clans that are not a part of the Elven Alliance or the Elven Nation This is often because they live in some obscure area of the world out of Contact, like the Arctic Elves or some of the Sea Elven clans. Some clans choose extreme isolation, avoiding all contact with any other race. While a few clans just do not wish to deal with the politics of other clans as well as their own.

It is hard to tell exactly how many Independent Clans there is on the Vaxian Continent but 8 clans have been recorded. Many of them are Arctic Elves : Arctic Elf Clans, and 4 are located in the Nebrak region.

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