Baldrams Clan

Baldrams Clan

After 300 years of exile under the sands of the Iron Desert, the Black Rain managed to obtain a home. The colony was named Baldram Ur (Legacy of Baldram), in honor of their last hero, Baldram the Knight of the Earth.

The territory of Baldrams Clan is in the frontier of Grom and Ghuundagor a few miles away from Victory City It´s a vast valley now able to agriculture thanks to the intervention of the thirteen, full of flowers and rivers that connects the Groms with Ghuundagor.

The underground has a subterrain flow that conects directly with the ocean, which has been developed into salt mines by the clan.

They also trade a great deal of other minerals of interest and importance that is found within other areas of their territory.

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  • Lifespan: 350-450 years
  • Typical Height: 4 to 5 feet
  • Typical Build: Stocky, compact, athletic
  • Distinctive Traits: Metallic or stone looking skin , beards for all genders
  • Where Found: Around mountainous or very hilly areas. Usually underground.

Around the world there are many tales of which that speak of where there is a connection to the very essence of rock and mineral then Dwarves are to be found. Dwarves can be found nearly anywhere on or within/underground in mountains, hills, or cliffs in any kind of climate. Many dwarven clans or groups make their home around especially in mineral rich areas. There are even a few that favor volcanic areas and reside near some of the calmer lava pockets and make use of them for their needs.

The physical traits of dwarves also lends to the stories of their relationship with the earthen elements. The colors and textures of their skin and hair is similar to the various kinds of stones and minerals that exist within the earthen elements. This also why many dwarves seem quite hardy and tough thanks to their skin (this must be reflected in a skill).

All genders of dwarves grow very full and gorgeous facial hair, often in the form of beards and mustaches. The importance of facial hair is dependent on the individual dwarven group.

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