Vaxia Example 4

Name: Kalimyr
Last Name: Rickway

Kalimyr came from a small family of Gnomes in Iskrania His father was addicted to gambling and booze, and his mother was doing whatever it took to keep some coin to feed the family. At the age of 40 (which would be like around pre-teens for a gnome), Kalimyr got fed up with his living arrangements and decided to try things on his own. At first he wound up serving in one of the original churches of Iskrania (before the followers of light). Kalimyr was beginning to show signs that he would be a worthy candidate for the priesthood and was offered training to begin his way.

Though when he was around 80 years old he ended up taking a sabbatical from his training and decided to pursue what he believes was an even larger calling. So Kalimyr spent the past 30 years travelling around and developing his skills and faith as he believed he was falling a calling that he was meant for.

Kalimyr is quite the devious fellow. Most likely anything from his mouth is a lie. Kalimyr loves pulling tricks and pranks when he can, though sometimes things can go from just a little fun to almost sadistic.

Travelling priest

Kalimyr stands around 3'7", and is of a more lithe build. He has short dark green hair that seems to naturally occur in a spikey manner. His mustache scrawls across both sides of his face in various swirls and circles, and he has a short beard that looks more like a goatee that is styled to look like 3 spikes. He has soft hazel eyes which does well in hiding some of his true demeanor. He is most often seen running around in a simple robe, most often dark gray in color, but it does a good job hiding some of the more fancy knick knacks and jewelry he might be wearing. He has to keep up appearances after all.

Race: Gnome
Apparent Gender: Male
Real Age: 110
Apparent Age: 27

Life 25
End 25
Str 25
Dex 25
Int 40
Spir 30
Cha 30

Kalimyr believes he was gifted from his god with the ability to create and shape unholy fire, which he can conjure and throw at his enemies.

One of Us
Kalimyr has been taught how to speak to the masses in order to try and get them to convert. As such he can control his tone of voice and along with his presentation of himself he can attempt to convince someone of what he wants or manipulate their feelings as he desires.

Weakening Curse
For those that have invoked Kalimyr's wrath he may ask his deity to help him curse his target, magically afflicting their physical form much like a disease, sapping their strength or speed.

Can't Trust Your Senses
Kalimyr's faith demands of him to make as much trouble as he can, when he can. So he learned the art of illusion, the ability through magic to trick the senses and create the appearance of things which aren't there, or hiding things that are.


Vaxia Example 3

Name: Aryissa
Last Name: Lightburst

Aryissa was orphaned when she was only 8 years old. She had lost her father to the sea and her mother to a mugging. She was then placed into the Starchilds Orphanage It was from here that she was introduced to a man by the name of Pero Derilias. He would often come by and spend time with the children, and while she doesn't remember every detail she knows it was Pero that had inspired her to take her path. When she was 16 years old she was old enough to leave the orphanage and find her way in the world. Aryissa wanted to make the most of her life in serving others, but she was not cut out for the life of a priest. However things looked up when she encountered The Order of the Silver Heart. They were an order of paladins that worshiped Powainogy and his family. Finally Aryissa had a way to follow the inspiration of Pero and apply her own skills.

Aryissa has a rather warm personality, even on the battlefield. She does her best to protect those that need it While some may see some of her actions as hesitation to fight, really Aryissa desires other resolutions to problems but if her blade is needed she is a powerful fighter. She does her best to be respectful, but however if she finds out you have ever harmed an innocent beware her wrath.

Paladin in the Order of the Silver Heart

She stands around 5'6" in height and is of a fairly health stocking and athletic build. She keeps brown hair short, the length no longer then her ears almost like a crew cut, as it makes it easier to get a helmet on. She has bold dark chestnut eyes, and her skin is almost mocha in color. She is rarely not seen with her armor on, which consists of a chain mail shirt and plate legs, gloves and boots. Most often she just wears a skull helmet that she covers with cloth hood and uses it to help secure a cloak as needed. Then the entire gear is covered with the flowing white tabard of the Order of the Silver heart and bears its insignia upon the chest and back areas.

Race: Human
Realm: Vaxia
Apparent Gender: Female
Real Age: 28
Apparent Age: 28

Life 25
End 30
Str 35
Dex 35
Int 30
Spr 30
Cha 20

Blade of the Gods
Aryissa is a fierce warrior in the name of her faith. Her chosen focus has been in the two handed sword.

Might of the Gods
Aryissa calls upon her faith to conjure and imbue her weapon with silver fire to better smite her foes.

The Faithful Steed
The order of Paladins that Aryissa belongs to also practices bonding and training with a mount, in Aryissa's case a horse. She can care and maintain her steed as well as performed mounted combat and other mounted maneuvers from simple to complex.

Protection of the Gods
Aryissa calls upon her faith to protect an ally from a physical or magical attacks with magical shielding.


Vaxia Example 2

Name: Mercy
Last Name: Freeman

The youngest of seven surviving (out of nine) children in a poor family, Mercy was used to fighting for the scraps at the dinner table. A long series of hand-me-down clothing followed, ad by the time she was sixteen she'd had quite enough of all that thank you very much. While she wasn't raised t a life of crime, hunger and need, and the crippling influences of her parents Beth Bow squatter housing made crime the easiest of paths to take.

Mercy would love to live up to her namesake, but no one has ever cut her or her family a break and she's fairly certain that's just how the world works. She is protective of her family, and considers most of the rest of the world to fall into two categories: lucky bastards who don't know how good they've got it, or viscous bastards who stomped on everyone else to get where they got. She's not much sympathy for either camp, but only one would get preemptively shivved to keep them from coming after her and hers.

Thief, beggar, scrapper, and sometimes just plain old mugger.

A little under the average height, Mercy is a thin girl with sharp cheekbones and the look of the constantly hungry about her. Her brown hair is chopped short to just below her chin. Her clothing is usually simple, plain stuff, and often ill fitting as if they belonged to someone else. While she looked to be early to mid twenties she is seventeen - already aged by her childhood.

Realm: Vaxia
Race: Human
Apparent Gender: Female
Real Age: 17
Apparent Age: 24

Life: 25
Endurance: 25
Strength: 30
Dexterity: 40
Intelligence: 30
Spirituality: 20
Charisma: 20

Invisible in a Room
The rich, the powerful, and the confident routinely ignore the 'lessers' amongst them, something Mercy has learned to put to good use. Marcy has discovered a way to approach others without arousing suspision, be it in the street or by blending in amongst the servents in the house.

Prison Yard Rush
A quick and violent form of knife fighting. Mercy is no stranger to the street and she'll defend herself with all the visciouness of an alley cat.

The Art of the Lift
Two fingers only, so your thumb doesn't touch the mark. Purse, wallet, pockets and the like - all targets easily divested of useful goods.

Tough Chick
Life has kicked Mercy around enough that she's more than willing to kick right on back. A tough girl, she's had her share of exposure to infectious disease, minor stabbings, and the like - enough that she can take a licking and keep on ticking.



Vaxia Example 1

Name: Thar
Last Name: Dagruum

The Orc, Thar Dagruum, is the result of a so-far brutal and tragic life. This could be said from the beginning when his half-Orc mother died in childbirth. This could be said when his presumably full-Orc father never stepped forward to claim him. He was raised with disinterest by whoever had currently earned the clan chieftain's ire. He was a punishment.

The cave-in happened on what he reckons was his 13th year. The clan was traveling deep beneath the surface in the old tunnels of their forefathers. a cave-in separated him from the rest of the clan, knocked him unconscious and took his left eye. No doubt Thar was assumed dead or was deemed not worth the effort of clearing the rubble. He awoke in darkness and struggled in the earth, slowly moving rocks and dirt. But he wasn't able to fully free himself. That was only accomplished by the Nethar patrol that found him. He remembers being elated at seeing the light of their lanterns and he remembers the fear he felt when he saw their armor and their cruel faces.

He was taken to Vrraul'kezrai and sold as a slave to a powerful Nethar family. There he lost track of the years and suffered many abuses. The Nethar household had many enemies and this fact led to the most unusual of Thar's abuses. He was slowly exposed to a multitude of various poisons and spells and was made to be the poison tester and opener of suspicious gifts and envelopes. The family had indeed dodged a couple attempts on their lives through exactly this method, much to Thar's disappointment.

Mostly he just labored but whenever he had a chance he would train himself. He fashioned a crude mace and practiced throwing projectiles at targets and generally planned for a violent escape. He figured an attempt would almost certainly mean his death but perhaps he'd be able to take a few of his captors down with him. He built up an anger in him for years and then, one day, he was simply told that he was free and was escorted from the family compound. The free Orcs of Vrraul'kezrai offered a standard price for Orc slaves and the household had decided to trade him in and use the money for something else, perhaps a new slave.,

Thar lived for a time among the free Orcs of Vrraul'kezrai but the pent-up anger inside him guaranteed that he quickly burned the bridge between himself and the Orcs there. He had never fit in with his own clan and he didn't belong with this one. He had heard of a place not far to the west. They called it Gaunth's House of Unwanted Lifeforms (or GHOUL). He hardly needed to hear anything other than the name before he headed out for it. Seemed like exactly the place for him.

Thar, like many Orcs, is uneducated and quickly angered. He's also easily frustrated and isn't quick to trust anyone. When it comes to violence he has the tendency to lose himself in it and occasionally take things too far. He holds particular hatred for slavers and Nethar.

But unlike many Orcs, there's more to him. He has an apparent sadness and even harbors considerably empathy towards the world's downtrodden. His cave-in experience has also left him with a fear of absolute darkness.

Thar is restless and has yet to find steady employment or anything like a career. He has worked for a mercenary company, as a porter and even a brief stint at a brewery. He is factotum incarnate.

Thar's human quarter pokes through in a lot of small ways but is largely supressed by his dominant orcish blood. His human heritage is most obviously expressed in his nose which is not the typically procine nose of most orcs. His lower canines are only a little small for an Orc and he is just a little smaller than average. And even though the sclera of his single eye is black and the pupil orange. . . there's something human about it. A great scar runs vertically from his forehead to his jaw, and right through his left eye socket.

He stands at an even six feet tall, is muscular and broad shouldered. He bears clan Tattoos on his left shoulder, though they look a little sloppy comapred to those of most orcs. His hair is silver and pulled into a tight knot on the back of his head. His scraggly beard sports a few beaded braids.

His clothing tends to be plain and dirtied, his expression serious, his posture unwelcoming.

Realm: Vaxia
Race: Half-Orc
Apparent Gender: Male
Real Age: 20
Apparent Age: Late 20's to early 30's.

Life: 35
Endurance: 37
Strength: 40
Dexterity: 32
Intelligence: 27
Spirituality: 15
Charisma: 19

Bash and Smash (40): Thar is very capable with a mace and knows how to take care of his weapon.
Poison Tester(35): His years of exposure has left him highly resistant to poisons, alcohol and magically induced mental states.
Improvised Accuracy (30): Thar is quite good at throwing improvised projectiles, be it a fork or a chair. He tends to throw far and accurately.


Example Characters

The following examples are to help give new players an idea of what the process looks like. None of the examples are any kind of standard, so please don't feel limited by them. We hope instead that they'll make a good stepping stone to your own character designs by illustrating the rules covered in the Character Creation guide.

If you have additional character designs you'd like to submit as sample characters, please drop a note in the SH Requests forums for the Academy co-heads with your example so that we can review the details. Thank you!

Example Characters - Vaxia

  • Help/Character Creation/Example Characters/Vaxia Example 1 - Thar, Half-orc Mercenary
  • Help/Character Creation/Example Characters/Vaxia Example 2 - Mercy, Human Street Rat
  • Help/Character Creation/Example Characters/Vaxia Example 3 - Aryissa, Human Holy Knight
  • Help/Character Creation/Example Characters/Vaxia Example 4 - Kalimyr, Gnome Traveling Priest

Example Characters - Sirian

  • Coming soon!

Vaxian Species

Vaxian Species and Creatures

Here you can find information on the many species and creatures that can be found in the world of the Vaxia setting.
Playable Species Submission Guidelines

▬▬▬♦♦ Playable Species ♦♦▬▬▬

Species in this game do not come with built in traits that boost game Stats or give free abilities of any kind. Some species may have something like 'Many of this species can do X', but this is only to provide players with a possible theme for certain skills/aspects. The only way a do a player can have that ability on their character to use is to have a skill to do it.

These species are the most common throughout the entire world of Vaxia and are available for play as player characters.
(Setting Note: The Species are in the middle of a update to the new playable species guidelines, we apologize for the delay and we will try and get all the new information up as soon as possible. Those that are in their final draft are published right to the wiki already. If there are any questions please come ask us and we will try to help as soon as possible )

Updated with Final Draft

Still in the forum Draft stage
The drafts of the write ups can be found here:

Temporarily restricted species
These species are usually part of our normal player character species list. However they are in need of being updated to our new playable species guidelines and we have no drafts. Until then these species will require Setting Approval.

▬▬▬♦♦ Other Species ♦♦▬▬▬

These species are some of the more common NPC type species encountered.

Species found on this list are counted as 'Other' and are subject for Setting Approval before being considered for play as a player character. Many of these species may require additional training to make sure the player is prepared and understands what to expect from IC interactions with that kind of species.
For the reasoning as to why we do this please read - Setting Approval for PCs

▬▬▬♦♦ Conditions ♦♦▬▬▬

Conditions are states that can alter species bringing additional aspects to them, changing their physiology.

Conditions available for players to play will require Setting approval as well as additional training in order to make sure the player has a firm understanding on what to expect when playing a species with a condition. For more information please read:

  • Werebeasts

  • Undead (Undeath is counted as a condition, but some types of Undead lack freewill - those types are not available play as a player character and are technically counted as constructs)

  • Vampires

▬▬▬♦♦ Animals and Creatures ♦♦▬▬▬

Anything under this category is not available for play as player characters.

Bestiary index for ideas on possible critters and creatures that may roam about the world and may be used as possible companions or encounters. These lists are not exhaustive, especially for Mundane Animals

Mundane Animals
Mystical Animals and Creatures






Beginners Guide to Roleplaying Here

The big enchilada, the coup de grace, the whole purpose of Vaxia: Roleplaying, or as it's often written, "RP."

In order to roleplay you must know first what type of style we RP in Vaxia. We use a third person point of view and narrative style when writing our posts. Posts are what we use to communicate what our character does. Since we do not have a graphical system like Diablo or any other fighting, roleplaying, or strategy game, the descriptions in our posts are crucial. We must describe what our character is doing, as well as when and where they do it.

RP happens 'in the moment' so any actions the character is making at that time will be in the present tenses. If talking about something that happened previously then past tense will often be used. When talking about future plans, the future tense may be used. There are no strict rules or preference on tense usage, so use whatever method flows best for you.

Let me give you an example of what I am talking about:

Jace pushes open the door to the Bard's Inn with a heavy sigh, still worn out from practicing with his sword all afternoon. The tall half-elf makes his way to the bar, settling on a bar stool and ordering himself an ale. Feeling his scabbard thump against the rungs of the stool he's sitting on, he unclips his sword-belt and rests it gently against the front of the bar, careful not to scratch the wood on the ornate hilt. When his mug of ale arrives, he thanks the barkeep and taking a long drink, glancing around at the other patrons and toward the stage to see if any of the locals are brave enough to try their hand at singing.

In Vaxia, it's customary to post when you enter an IC location, especially when there are other characters already present. It's a wonderful opportunity to describe what your character looks like, or what rough state or mood they're in, to help set the tone for others' reactions to your character after you enter. Don't count on everyone reading your character's description! If there's something unique about them that would make them stand out in a crowd, cover it in your first post.

When you RP, you are telling a short story about what your C is doing. The only trick is that their story happens one tiny scene at a time, reacting to and interacting with the scenes of the other characters around them. Be sure to leave the other roleplayers space for their characters to interject or reply to what your character is saying. There is nothing wrong with a short post, especially if your character is asking someone a question :)

Let's take a look at how you might RP after you make your entrance. Someone might approach you, or you might have your character approach someone else, or, on rare occasions, neither. Be patient! It may take a post or two before another character comes over to say "hello," especially if your character hasn't previously met anyone in the room. Give the other players time to look for a way to weave their stories into yours. Sometimes, it won't happen at all, which is unfortunate, but it's important not to try to force it. Keep at it! The more you make yourself seen IC, the better the chance another character will get curious and come say hello, if your character isn't the sort to do so themselves.

The trick is to just respond how your character would, doing what they would do and saying what they would say. Here's a good example:

Character 1: Spotting the tall half-elf enter the inn, Kennedy gets up from her seat in the corner, grabbing her half-empty mug of ale and making her way to the bar. Glancing Jace's way, she plants herself on a stool not far from him and slides her mug over to the barkeep. "You look like you've been hard at it," she says with a grin, eying the sword resting against the bar. "Practicing for the tournament?"

Character 2: Jace pauses to swallow and set his mug down before answering the woman, not wanting to be rude. "I have been," he answers, following her eyes to the sword. "Oh, heh...yeah. I heard the winner gets a date with the princess. That was a prize I couldn't pass up!"

Character 1: Kennedy tries not to roll her eyes at the man's answer. Yet another combatant lured by a chance at a few hours with a princess. She chuckles at Jace. "That's it? Not the chance to prove yourself in the arena? With a sword like that, I figure you could even beat someone like me." She offers a hand to greet him, using the other to grip her newly-filled mug of ale. "Kennedy de Silva. Pleasure to meet you."

You see how they responded to each other? That's what RP is. You respond to what the other party is doing and try to keep things moving forward. For a more generic breakdown, see our Diagram of an RP post page.

If you're feeling intimidated by jumping into RP, just let the other players know that you're new using the OOC (or Out of Character) box. They'll know to be patient and help you with any questions you have. You can also ask for help and answers in Limbo at any time. Limbo is an out-of-character area, so there's no need to RP there :) Just post however you're comfortable.

That's basically what you need to know about RP!

Post Color
You can set the color of your text to help everyone tell the difference between your posts and others, and to give it a bit of a personal flavor. The problem is - sometimes your choice of color is - in a word - painful on the eyes. Please don't abuse the eyes of others. For help on finding a post color that you like see: Text Color Help Guide





Stats are numerical values which help determine in game play how strong or weak a character is at performing certain tasks.
For the most part they determine how your character should be played (are they frail, nimble, clever, gruff, etc).

Skills also have numerical values which help boots the chances a character will be successful at certain actions. and help reflect how proficient the character may be at certain tasks and professions in the game world.

The combination of using a stat with a skill is known as mights.

Which Stats a player may use on their character is largely determined by what kind of action they want to succeed at or situation they are reacting to..

Most actions will make use of these stats often using two trait rolls, though sometimes a one trait roll may be requested.

    Life: Has two functions - Hit Points and Mental Points.
    • Hit Points are how much damage a character can take.
    • Mental Points are how a measure of how long a character can withstand non-damaging mental or phantasm effects.

    The others can be grouped into two broad categories:

      Physical Stats: These are most often used for actions that make use of one’s physical capabilities.
      Examples: Running, Punching, Kicking, Hand to Hand Combat.

      • Endurance (END): Physical Resistance; Fortitude
      • Strength (STR): Physical Power; Toughness
      • Dexterity (DEX): Physical Coordination; Deftness

      Mental Stats: These are most often used for actions that make use of one’s mental capabilities, includes all flavors of Magic and Psi actions.
      Examples: Casting a spell, trying to convince someone of something, solving a puzzle

      • Intellect (INT): Mental Acuity; Reasoning
      • Spirit (SPIR): Mental Power; Wisdom
      • Charisma (CHA): Mental Resistance; Influence

In order to improve a character one must invest XP into its stats and skills.

How much XP it costs is tied to how high the stat already is: the higher it is currently, the more XP it will take to raise it even higher.

To raise a stat it costs 10% of their value, rounded down.
Example: When your INT is at 20, it takes 2 XP to raise it to 21. It will stay that 2:1 ratio until you get it to 30, when it becomes 3:1, and so on.

Skills, on the other hand, are cheaper to raise. Raising a skill costs 7.5% of its current level, rounded down.
Example If your skill is at 10, then it takes .75 xp to raise it to 11. Then when it is at 20 it will then take 1.5 XP to raise it to 21. The only exception is when you're raising a skill from 0-10, which also costs .75 XP per point.




Acquiring New Skills

Once you make a character doesn't mean that character is only stuck with the skills you made them with. In fact on of the many ways you can grow and develop a character is to gain new skills over time.

ICly there are many different methods one can take advantage of to have their character learn new skills. However Setting may have certain restrictions due to current events on which methods are available, or have to be done. We will post those here to help make that information available, but System can not change anything in that regards.

Game mechanics there are just three ways one can gain a new skill, however a couple of those are restricted by how much HXP (historical XP) a character has gained.

Under 20 HXPs

HXP stands for Historical XP. It is the total amount of XP that character has gained since its activation.

We understand that sometimes a concept may not work out as expected, or some ideas tend to go in a different direction then anticipated. Sometimes there is just a learning curve. Whatever the reason, we give a grace period to let a player try out their idea and have some time to switch it up if they want, which is until the character reaches 20 HXP.

So long as a character is under 20 HXPs a player may adjust and change anything they would like to adjust with the assistance of a SH and its within the rules of both System and Setting. This includes stat and skills.

This can be done a couple of ways:

Redoing Skills - If a player doesn't like how they were playing out, or just wants to change things up from adjusting the Points in the skills or the aspects and wordings. A player may even try and take out points of some Stats and skills to add in a new skill.

Adding in a Skill at 0 - Every character can start with a single skill at 0. If a player doesn't want to change any of their numbers then this option can work out. However it is only 1 per character, and once that character hits 20HXPs that option is no longer available.

Over 20 HXPs

Once a character has more then 20HXP the grace period to change Stats and Skills is over (Backgrounds can still be altered by talking with Setting.)

There is only one way that a character may learn new skills, which is through RP.

  • The base RP requirement to learn a new skill on your own is 3 XP, or 210 KXPs worth of posting.
  • If working with a trainer (someone with a skill of 40 points or higher in the relevant area), the RP requirement is reduced to 2 XP, or 140 KXPs worth of posting.

This RP does not have to be done in a single sitting, after all that is a lot posting. So it can be broken up and done in chunks and all put in a scene which will also help you track your progress.

Then once you reach the required XP/KXPs you can submit the scene, and in the notes section put the very skill you desired to have added. After a review by a SH to ensure all requirements have been met and ensure the skill passes, the skill will be added to the character at 0.

There is also no time limit on posts you can use for a gaining skill scene. So if you notice your character having a lot of posts of actions that could be added in for a new skill - you can use those!
Scene Creation Guide

ICly Restricted Skills

On occasion Setting may have restrictions in how certain skills are learned in character. This is often a reflection of certain IC events or regional themes in the setting. We will post those restrictions here, but if ever in doubt feel free to ask in the forums!

Current Restrictions


  • None


  • None


We have since updated our scene tools and archiving tools which has removed the need for certain exceptions.

In the cases of a long history of rp - any posts can be dug up from the Archives and added into a skill learning scene as outlined above. If there is any trouble adding in an archive post a request can be made on the forums to get some help adding it in.

If a SH desires to award a character a skill after noticing a trend in RP or by a character stumbling into a RP quest that could lead to one - then that must also be recorded and submitted through a scene as well assigned to the targeted character.

We understand we can not account for every possible case, so if you feel like may qualify for a possible exception to needing to use the above rules, you may petition your case on the forums to be reviewed.




System Rules

Learning the System
Here you can find links to the pages which are designed to give a basic introduction and overview of our game mechanics.
Everything you will need when just starting out!

Skills, Stats and Languages

Experience Points (XP)

Equipment, Currency, Companions, and Vehicles

Core Game Mechanics, Rules, and Policies

Story Host Training and References

System Design and Rationale



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