History of the Heal-Harm Ban

In roughly 2006, the site's Evaluators team established a new restriction on magical skills called the "heal/harm ban."

The rule stated that no single skill could both heal damage and also deal damage.

A similar ban, not explicitly stated, also prevented any single skill from allowing teleportation or portal creation alongside damage-dealing abilities.

The rationale at the time for the ban was to provide those with skills that focused exclusively on healing or teleportation a way to stand on their own. The thinking was that if everyone could roll healing and/or teleportation into any other magic skill, there needn't be a pure healing or pure teleportation skill.

In the summer of 2014, the System Department revisited both bans:

and decided by a narrow vote:

to remove them, with one caution in mind.

The concern now is that a magical skill that can deal damage and heal damage could become something of an 'Ur' skill, encouraging everyone to have one. It could discourage skill diversity, which is considered by many current players to be one of Vaxia's more uniquely wonderful qualities.

For that reason, we are leaving this history on the books. Should site trends become such that healing and teleportation appear to be too ubiquitous and ever-present, we recommend that the site revisit the issue and discuss whether to implement a new restriction.

Suggested during our discussion was the option that any skill that could damage as well as heal, or damage and teleport, be restricted to those two aspects only and not the typical three for magical skills. This suggestion along with any others should be considered again if anyone feels that the lifted bans are leading to too narrow a skill selection among characters site-wide.




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