ASH Test Final Exam

Welcome to the third SH exam. While not the final exam, this test is considered most important when deciding whether or not you'll become a fully vetted SH on the site.

First, review the materials on Advanced Story Hosting in the wiki. By now, you have also run at least 8 sessions, five of them on your own, and should have a good understanding of the overall process of being an SH on the site.

Once you complete the exam, you will be eligible for Test 4, which covers Item and Character evaluation. At the same time, your answers to this exam will be reviewed by the site's active SHs. If at least three of them approve, you will become a full SH, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof.

All questions are in essay format. There is no required length, but depth of content is appreciated. This is your chance to showcase how you will handle in- and out-of-character situations and explain your overall gaming philosophy. There are any number of right answers.

Good luck!

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