Vaxia - Dale and the Mage Hunters

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Vaxia - Dale and the Mage Hunters

Yesfa's not so little warehouse had become compromised, and in more ways then one.

The Iskranian group that has been seeking a series of boxes which contained the parts of an anti-magic boundry generator finally had the set up to try and seige the mini fortress that the gnome investigator had put in one of the very things they are looking for.

But not only that but she had under her stewardship the very children that had been adopted by the man whom seemed responsible for getting the generator out of Iskrania in the first place.

While they did not manage to get into the secured vault, Yesfa was taking no chances. Even more so with the disappearance of her assistant Cath, and Dale, and some evidence that the mage hunters may have attempted a second front only to have been stop.

Yesfa tried all she could to locate her missing friends and employees but to no avail. She turned her attention to ensuring that what pieces she had would be further secured, calling in one of the favors owed to her by Shale, while making sure the remainder of the children were still tucked away safe so they wouldn't share whatever would be Dale's fate.

However Cath has resurfaced, looking a bit worse for the wear.
She had taken the brunt of the Mage Hunter's assault upon Yesfa's warehouse, however in the turmoil they managed to snatch Dale. Despite her injuries she had tried to give chase, but ended up being left for nearly dead in a farm field a bit outside of the city. She was a breath away from death until the farmhand that morning saw her and took her to the farming community healer instead of the city as it was closer. Between her injuries and the harsh winter she had been forced to stay until recovered. She had hoped the messages she sent may have gotten through, but it would seem like someone was intercepting them.

Though now Yesfa has the details, she is planning to go get Dale back.
The problem is, has it been too long?

Depending on how things play out expect the following at least:
Some combat
Some talk
Indications of torture and violence
Chance for character death

Monday, March 20, 2017 - 19:00 to 23:30


  • Vaxia
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  • PG-13
  • R
  • W: Possible character death
  • TW: Graphic violence
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Count me in, likely on Jess if I have the focus for her. I get back from a trip Sunday so I may be a little loopy still, if so, Stephyr's a likely backup choice

Interested, but wait-list me for others
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Work will probably be a thing, but will try to be around. 40% probability at this point.

Interested, but wait-list me for others
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Very exciting!

This sounds really fun to chase down. Please count me in! :)

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Am down

Haven't been in a session in a while. Be good to get in the swing of things.

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I think this would be interesting, I'll see if I am free closer to that day.

EDIT: Should be good to go

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Everything looks like I should be able to make this. I'll update further if I cannot.