Casual RP Day! - June 23 2018

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Casual RP Day! - June 23 2018

(Remember that bit about occasionally providing a theme? ;) )

RP Day Theme for Vaxia: Summer Festival!

Summer has arrived to the peninsula of which Ramsalon calls its home.
While Spring has its own welcome, the fingers of winter often linger until the warmth of the Summer season drifts in by land and sea.
The city of Ramsalon hosts a huge outdoor celebration which stretches from the Grandpark to a few of the more pleasant beachy shorelines to encourage (or in some cases remind those that still need the sunlight) to get out, warm up, and enjoy a bit of the warm weather and sun as it lasts.

Fishers crowd around the docks and out on decorated boats showing off the variety of skills and methods to begin the summer fishing, providing much of the Festival food.

The cuisine of the festival is primarily of the seafood that had just come to be in season while also clearing up the winter stores of any bits before their spoil to make room for the fall harvests.

Entertainment and vendors galore as the city gives its citizens a beach day to have fun and relax before they need to begin gearing up for the hash winters once more.


Going to be trying something to try and help encourage a bit of casual rp and on occasion it may be used to host a session here and there!

Scheduling can be a pita at times, so hopefully this will be a way to help bring players together for a little fun now and then by giving the means to schedule in advance or serve as a reminder.

If a SH would like the time space for a session - its all yours!
Just post saying you would like it, and I will be more then happy to relinquish the time to you.

I would also like using this as an experiment as well. Such as every now and then providing themes for the RP (kind of like how our bored button works for limbo but for a larger scale - such as holidays!).

Participation will always be open, and signing up will not be necessary but encouraged for the sake of figuring out that dreaded scheduling monster.

The time is also flexible (unless it is surrendered to be a session), so if a majority needs to start sooner or later we can always make a note!

Realm (Sirian or Vaxia) will be determined day of (unless it is surrendered to be a session then realm will be whichever one the session is for).

So come, have fun!

Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 15:00 to 20:00


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Count me right in! :D Those

Count me right in! :D Those bells you already hear? Me arriving with them all over me. ;)

Edit: So... My bells have been stolen. It's total bullpucky. My aunt decided to extend her stay by five extra days, and we're doing pickup recording for the podcast. :( I'm so sorry. Turns out that all the cool stuff will have to happen without me. But seriously, I'm super looking forward to these and I'm desperately ready to play. Just scheduling is a PITA and I really apologize for having life hammer me away again.

I'm gonna try to be on Sunday if anyone is free then too, so hopefully I can still catch folks. Again, I am so sorry.

Can't make it in this time slot
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Gonna try to be there!

Gonna try to be there!