Valerine Lavelle is perhaps one of the South's most curious leaders. While she stands at a modest height of 5'7", doesn't wear a uniform of any kind, and has a mannerism that most people at first glance would place her as some kind of diplomat ... when she speaks people from all around will come to listen. Having fought in battles all over the South for the last three decades, Valerine knows how to carry and project herself in a way that will inspire others and ensure her command.

Despite her leadership potential, Valerine is very attractive by Southern standards. With deep green eyes and dark brown hair, she has a natural charisma and beauty that others find difficult to replicate. She doesn't need makeup or fancy clothes to get others attention. Not that she doesn't have them or like them, as Valerine's wardrobe is legendary in the south, just that she doesn't need them. Now that she's a little older and a lot higher up in the coalition ranks, she doesn't often socialize with others outside of work or her command staff.


Valerine is perhaps best known for her victory at the Battle of Lake Hope shortly after the discovery of Sirian. When over six thousand Unlife descended on the City like a scourge her forces countered the Unlife at every turn. While Sirian provided air support, the Lake Hope defense grid decimated the Unlife pilots and their hordes of mindless beasts that attacked the walls.

Unfortunately, victory doesn't always ensure a career. Valerine resigned from service at Lake Hope after a spy was found within the diplomatic ranks. It was only several weeks later before she had a new job though and found herself as the coalition's newest Ship Captain in charge of the Fleet Ship Kalvania.

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