Why do people know him as the Traveler? Is it how he dresses? Is it the way that he acts? Or perhaps it is the presence that he carries about him. Most would say this was the reason. Despite his less then average attractive appearance - namely due to his clothes not his physical state - most find they like to be around him because of the aura he projects: one that inspires peace and calm in all around him.

The strangest quality about this man is his eyes. They are nearly golden, tinted with a silver outline that causes them to appear more copper. Many believe an ancient God has touched him, but this is actually the byproduct of his time as a rock star in the north. Having gotten older since those days, his thick hair is beginning to recede and he keeps it trimmed short and dyed black. Those who don’t recognize him often think he is from the south originally.

Perhaps the most obvious quality is the clothes he wears. Dressed in an expensive dark brown long coat, well passed having worn out, he looks the part of a nomad. His shoes and clothes are mixed of black and brown, double layered and thick. These are designed for long trips out into the southern countryside. He carries very little with him, besides the pouches that line his right side and go around his back. Other then that, he has no visible weapons, though many who carry and use guns frequently would recognize the way he holds his left arm and walks to note a hidden gun holstered at his shoulder.

Occasionally, when the Traveler is seen in Sirian he can be found wearing an expensive black suit, black slacks, and a white stiff collar dress shirt. He generally keeps the suit fully buttoned, walking with a level of precession. There are few who would not recognize him, and even fewer who would think too ask him for something.

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