Common to Demi-Humans, Tallen has a Mix of Green and Blue eyes that give off a stunning Hazel Emerald color. His hair is kept short, Sandy Blonde and he wears only the slight hint of a beard. Tallen is slightly above average in appearance, having the look and feel of a hard working man. His hands bear the calluses of hard labor; maybe even a farm. There is a deep presence around him though, almost energy to other mages that identifies him as something more then what he seems.

Tallen dresses in common southern clothes. Dark Black shirts and pants due to the cold plains of the south to keep in warmth, brown jacket to match and give some color. His pants are cargo, the pockets a deep blue almost purple appearing color. Other then that, there is no indication of a weapon or other technology on his person. He doesnÂ’t carry anything special or unique to make him stand apart. Its actually what he doesn't carry, being a human, that makes him stand apart: A Weapon.

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