Few men fail to notice Sona beauty around the City of Sirian. Like all Gargorians, Sona is naturally in perfect shape and much more attractive to the average person. Even among her own people, she is seen as exceptionally beautiful. However, this woman does little to promote her appearance. More often then not she favors the light gray jumpsuit the officers on her ship wear adorned with a yellow collar to signify rank. Still, this does very little to hide her light blue mixed with green eyes nor her nearly white blonde hair that matched perfectly with her pale but fair complexion.

Despite this fact, Sona is well known among the Night Clubs in Sirian specifically “106th and Main”. Here she has gained the reputation for leaving with a different man nearly every time she comes in almost once a week. With the rumors of arranged marriages at the Gargorian Colonies, no one can really blame her. The odd part is that sometimes she leaves with women too.

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