With Marcus, the man you see is the man he is. Dedicated pilot? Marcus can always be found wearing his Coalition Flight Jacket. The brown leather jacket, darker brown around the edges, has his call-sign 'Brother' stitched in just above the decorative pocket. The only time he isn't seen wearing his flight jacket is when he's in the black Coalition Jumpsuit that the Flight Program now uses for their uniforms. The flight wings on his jumpsuit identify his as one of the Coalition's Wing Commanders. The highest ranking pilots in the program.

Despite Marcus' rank, he doesn't flaunt it over others. Unless needed, Marcus is the first to treat everyone equally and respectfully. The man only gives out orders as they are absolutely needed outside of a mission. He's well known for his outgoing and joking personality as well as his affinity to call people 'Brother' or 'Sister' based on how well he likes them.

Physically, Marcus can sometimes be seen as an imposing figure. He's fairly tall, standing a little over 6 feet, and his broad shoulders and training give him a decently muscular appearance that while it doesn't signify him as a large man, does show him to be a well built man. Dark brown hair and green eyes speak to his Dalhan heritage, and he wears the features of his people like a badge of honor.

Marcus is one of the renown pilots of Sirian City. After being instrumental in saving Lake Hope, and then moving on to sacrifice himself to destroy the strange communication probe in orbit during the first Extravia mission everyone thought he was dead. This was proven incorrect when he seemingly came back to life weeks later being chased by hundreds of probes as him and Dusty made a suicide run to Sirian City in a ship they procured in the graveyard up in Sirian's orbit. Not only that, he brought in one of the biggest technological booms to the city with the discovery of the ancient ship the Terrak Star up in orbit. Marcus and Dusty crashed it into the Atmosphere in order to return to the planet.

Now, Marcus is the current Wing Commander of the Coalition Fleet Airwing. A title not a single pilot in the Flight Program disputed when it was offered to him.

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