Being a pilot is what he does, and that requires style. Kylan wont ever be found anywhere without some cool clothes, styled hair, and projecting an overall appearance of confidence. Nothing seems to rattle this man, and he always keeps his cool.

Kylan's is known for being in great shape all the time, as well as having great hair. He's got the true placeholder traits for a Rohearn; very blonde hair, blue eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Its clear he grew up in Bolivnia from his accent (or lack of) and mannerisms. Kylan has always been known as a friend to the Dalhan, even when he was still part of the Bolivnian army. Now, he's the leader of the Raider Squadron under the blanket of the Coalition Flight One program.

Kylan is well known for his actions during the battle of Bolivnia when he took a missile lock on Helo One, a heavy transport craft, got the missile to lock onto him, and then literally just barrel rolled diagonally away from it breaking the lock and sending the missile falling away. Similar crazy but effective tactics like locking his fighter onto a failing shuttle and acting as its damaged wing, or playing chicken with other pilots have earned him the trick pilot status.

Kylan's bravery, ingenuity, and leadership earned him a place as Raider Squadron's Wing Captain and as one of the most respected pilots in the Coalition. Most recently Kylan helped devise a plan to use the Raider Squadron to act as Kalvania's thrusters while she was plummeting to a planet's surface out of control.

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