This young woman is extremely striking for someone of the south. Her eyes are a perfect mix of silver and green, considered rare among the Dalhan people. With almost dark red hair, its obvious there is a little bit of northern blood in her lineage somewhere, though likely only an eighth or less. She is both blessed and cursed with light freckles all down her face and neck, though mostly prominent on her upper cheeks. With the lightest of smiles she is able to turn a crowds attention to herself, or in an angry tantrum send everyone scattering. It certainly doesn't help that she has attractive long legs, full hips, and a perfect little waist being neither too tall nor short.

When around her father Haily wears a cute but appropriate tan blouse with a brown leather jacket and tight-fitting hip-hugging jeans. This fashion is common to the young women of the south. However, when she is alone Haily can often be found in a black leather strapless tube top and midriff revealing black leather pants. Even in the cold, she refuses to wear a jacket. This outfit is more often then not able to make her look to be in her later teens, which has been known to get her into quite a bit of trouble.

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