Argus is what you would call ‘Above Average’ in the term of physical appearance. He’s got a roguish attraction and the benefit of the Pilot’s Flight Jacket to serve his charm. His hair is a dark brown, dyed, with the common Blue Eyes found among all people of the north. Even so, his appearance and the way he carries himself scream Bolivnian. Aside from the jacket, Argus can often be found in plain unmarked clothes. On the Left sleeve though he bears the symbol of Sirian City and the Coalition of the free south. Marking him as one of the many pilots who has defected to the Sirian Cause for one reason or another.

Were it not for the fact that Argus were paired and had a family, his charm would win him the respect of many women. In Sirian City he’s well known as the Hero of Bolivnia and has flown such missions as the battle of Lake Hope. He’s the leader of the Raider squadron, among many other titles respect has earned for him. Argus, below his tough exterior is a good person. Capable of great understanding and care for the people he works with. Yet, should you aim to destroy that which he holds dear, you will find yourself on the wrong end of a missile lock … if you catch the meaning.

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