A man of the south, Greyan stands about six feet tall, broad shoulders, and a serious look upon his face. Yet, there is still that feint hint of a smile and a good-natured joking side. His eyes, despite his age, still show youth and hope for a brighter future. Some say that's why he has been through some of the worst disasters in the modern times and still loves the job he does.

Greyan is easy enough to recognize. His green eyes and brown hair are a clear signal of his origins. His hair almost naturally brushes backwards, needing little in the way of comb to keep it in place. He's built well, almost cliché in what you would expect to see with a security guard. Then again considering the Grey jumpsuits they wear, you sort of have to. Grayan's light natured attitude extends out into his work, building his men up more often then tearing them down. Though when you cross the line, he will set you back in place quickly.

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