Striking would be a mild way to describe Geida's appearance. Stunning, or perhaps breathtaking might be a little closer to the truth. Her light-toned flawless skin and usually emerald green eyes tend to draw in a lot of attention. Then there's her hair. Cut to just the right length and always styled so perfectly, the most unique thing about her is the fact that its always changing color. Geida's hair will rotate between shades of red, black, and brown never staying on one color for long. Its a perfect blend of color that shimmers and changes constantly.

If that wasn't enough to get people's attention, she has this sort of scent that follows her around and makes it difficult for people not to pay attention to her. Perhaps its just the way she walks, so feminine, or the way her body shapes and curves seem to fit so completely.

If only Geida didn't have such a bad reputation. The woman is known for having one of the most sarcastic and unhelpful temperaments in the history of Sirian City. If there is any chance something can be said to show her dislike for the situation, it will be. Those who don't know of her tend to find out quickly just how downright dis-likeable she can be. Those that do know her, tend to just try and avoid her. Geida doesn't seem to care what happens with either outcome.

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