Blue eyes, blonde hair, and lightly tanned skin give away where Fiorentina is from easily. Though ‘pretty’ by description, Tina’s expressions are often though to be absent and distracted. Her eyes are vacant and tired, the marks of a difficult life. Her shoulder length blonde hair is brushed, but not maintained like most young women would do. She smiles, but it seems to be almost forced most of the time as she slowly looks away afterwards. Despite her small size, Tina is in very good shape. She could flaunt her attributes as others do, wearing the navy blue Fleet command tight fitting jumpsuits. Tina instead wears a worn green jean-like jacket over the top, having no interest in attracting men or showing off her body.

Despite her attempts to seem uninteresting and simple, many find Fiorentina attractive to talk to for exactly this reason. When she isn’t following her commander, Corvan, around often times men hit on her for the sake of trying to get a reaction out of the woman. It is well known that in her presence, those who dislike the north would do well to hold their tongue. Her reputation for getting into bar fights and being the only one left standing precedes her.

Tina is currently serving on the Extravia as the ship's First Officer and Security Captain. As such her uniform has a maroon with gold trimmed collar to signify her rank.

Reputation: Not only Barfights, Tina has slain over 40 Enforcers over the years who have come to kill her. Belham hates her to this day for her ability to know danger is coming before it happens and escape out of situations most people wouldn't even see coming. Tina is the most feared gunman in the Sirian World. That doesn't just mean the south, either.

In later years Tina has become well known for her actions leading the final charge during the probe attacks that nearly destroyed Sirian City and her efforts in catching several spies and terrorists during the latest round of sabotage in Sirian City.

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