There are many names known to this man. Erik Ackbar. Erik the Brave. King Ackbar. All of them are true. Erik the Brave: The chosen representative and leader of the Dalhan people of the Free South. Erik has been around for the better part of a century, at least that is as long as people have heard his name. The Ackbar family has forever done its part to see the oppressed south free of the corruption of the North. Erik himself founded New Burnal (Hope in the Ancient Language) in an effort to make a safe haven for the people of the Great Plains. In the end, the city was destroyed. Now, after nearly thirty years behind the scenes, Erik re-emerges to try again and lead the City of Sirian and the Coalition of the Free South.

No one is really sure if Erik truly is from the south or not. His family has always lived in the south, though despite this fact their appearance seems to change randomly with each generation. Erik has short, neatly brushed dark red hair. Dark red to the point of almost being maroon that is. His eyes are a normal shade of average green. Though he is quite common by appearance, there is something about this man that is very striking. He is neither physically imposing nor exceptionally weak. Not beautiful, nor hideous by any means. Though most find it difficult to look away from him.

There has been much debate over Erik’s attire. Among the people of the south it is considered highly fashionable and functional. The jumpsuit that Erik wears has several shades of blue, separating the chest and legs and shoulders. Coming off the shoulders is a robe, falling behind him almost like an old fashion cape. A single black sash pulls the outfit taunt around his waist. To the people of the North, he would look almost ridiculous. To the people of the South, Erik is an icon and a symbol of hope. He makes no bold gestures to force an opinion on others though, letting people decide for themselves what kind of man he is.

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