Flirty and Playful, Danielle’s eyes are filled with her desire to be accepted and hav ea good time. Very much the Demi-Human her hair is a mix of mostly blonde and light brown highlights with pure solid green eyes hinted with only a touch of blue. She smiles, laughs, and enjoys herself even at work making her a very good receptionist. Many in Sirian know her as Erik’s assistant as well as the main receptionist for the Employment and Housing office in the Central Tower.

When at work, Danielle is often found in dressy clothes, usually a light jacket and some form of mid-thigh skirt usually loose and wavy, with a matching collar top that is one shirt but the collar on it is made to look like two. When she’s not at work, Danielle can be found in spaghetti strap tops that show off her shoulders, and down her sides which are laced and do not fully hide her skin. She also commonly wears a pair of brown gloves fingerless and held on at the thumbs.

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