This young woman is fun, attractive, smiles, and is generally outgoing and everything a man of the South wants in a woman: Except that she looks like she’s from the North. Cody was born to a captured and reformed Bolivnian Soldier and a Visuballe local. Relationships like this are so rare that most know who she is easily. Her hair was originally a light shade of brown, passable to the south. However, her crystal blue eyes were unmistakably from the north.

Anymore though, Cody finds herself not caring if people accept her or not. When she went north with James, Cody first dyed and cut her hair to a style more fitting of the north. With layered, highlighted, and wispy blonde hair she fits in with the Rohearn easily despite her half-breed heritage. Since spending time in Bolivnia she's added red highlights at the tips of her styled hair to add a little more color to her physical personality. Even after returning to her homeland and staying in the City of Sirian, she refuses to change the hairstyle now that she has gotten used to it.

Cody was dressed in simple clothes common to girls her age. The clothes were mostly leather, save for the tight light brown matching shirt with a leather jacket over the top. Her outfit was finished with a pair of knee length black boots. The style, much like everything else about Cody, was from the north. She has no interest in judging other people, or spending time around those who judge her.

Since being promoted to the Engineering Lead aboard the Extravia Cody can be found in a fitting navy blue jumpsuit with a green collar and the Sirian symbol over the right chest pocket. She wears a tech belt with the latest in Sirian tools around her waist and a standard issue energy pistol on her hip. Though the jumpsuit isn't really her style, it fits her well and along with her highlighted hair and perky demeanor she is perhaps one of the most likeable people in Sirian.

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