Dr. Tanner's once blank and emotionless expression has been replaced with a more calm and quietly friendly demeanor. Celenia is quite attractive by Sirian standards, even more so on the occasion when she smiles. Her mostly green eyes still show the trouble of a difficult life, yet lately they have a spark of hope found in them. Her long red hair is often pulled back only slightly, layered and styled to still frame her face. This is a fairly new look for Celenia, and her attempt at a more reserved 'prettier' appearance. Her alabaster skin is a very light shade, as few hardly remember seeing her out in the sun.

Around her patients Celenia is a wonderful person. She smiles, jokes, and generally has an amazing bedside manner; especially when it comes to children. When at the hospital, Celenia is often seen wearing her white doctor's coat as well as a set of hospital scrubs to be ready on a moment's notice to be called into surgery. This coat follows her onto the Extravia where she serves as the ship's chief medical officer. She does wear the Navy Blue jumpsuit that does a great job of showing off her figure, but her more reserved nature causes her to wear the doctor's coat over it to draw less attention. The rare occasion she is seen out in regular clothes, she often dresses in something that is both professional but stylish, with a varying degree of flirty depending on her companion status. A small silver ring can be seen on her left hand, middle finger, as a sign to others that she has a mate already. Though some believe that this is simply a way to get others to leave her alone.

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