For a man his age, Cammen looks remarkably young. There is only the slightest graying to his short brown hair and nearly no recession in his hair line despite having broken his 80s. His hazel-green eyes somehow manage to still show his zeal and love of life. Often times there are the slightest traces of a smile, or a smirk, depending on how you look at it.

Since coming to Sirian City, Cammen has begun to dress in inexpensive but fashionable suits. Often times they are black, open collared suits with a white collared undershirt that is also left unbuttoned. While almost everyone in Sirian is armed, Cammen carries no weapon on his person. Yet his movements are light and agile, giving him the deceptive appearance of knowing how to handle himself. Few would mess with this man though, as it is well known he controls the computer core of Sirian City taking orders directly from Erik Ackbar.

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