Bella is a somewhat unusual person to look at. She moves with calculated, steady motions not unlike what you might expect from a robot; although they are quite graceful, there is just something artificial hidden behind them. But perhaps the most striking thing about her is her eyes: they're a pale violet, and if you watch her irises closely, they occasionally rotate and even contract and dilate slightly, signs of the processing that is going on beneath. Bella's face is usually a portrait of stone, expressionless and emotionless like the robot that she is. She is capable of displaying emotion, but does not usually do so, except when she actively thinks it would be useful. Otherwise, however, she looks quite normal, and might even be considered pretty. There's more than one man who's made an unknowing pass at her, only to be surprised by her true nature...


Bella is currently fairly unknown to a lot of Sirians. She is rarely seen, namely because she has problems interacting with people, and since the Galanor spies were discovered in Sirian she has been let out even less, her existence being something that the city would want to keep from the north for as long as possible. Those who have interacted with her, either when she was first discovered or on the "test mission" she was sent on, will know her true capabilities. To the rest, she's just a solitary figure occasionally seen stalking the halls of the SaTech department, watching the world around her but rarely interacting with it.

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