Grievance of 09/12/2014 Closure Part 1 - Addition of a Double Jeopardy Clause

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Grievance of 09/12/2014 Closure Part 1 - Addition of a Double Jeopardy Clause
Amendment to site governance

In this Grievance there were issues that were brought back up that had already been handled by Social, or were in the process of being handle but for one reason or another was in a hiatus state until a mediation could finish to allow Social to move forward.

It is the general census that punishing people twice or forcing them to go through procedures again for actions that were already handled were unfair, not fun for anyone, and offered potential abuse of our policies to allow people to take 'revenge' upon those people.

Therefore it has been recommended to add a Double Jeopardy Clause to our Site Governance Amendments to offer protection for those whom have already had issues that were handled and to help reduce the temptation of using the anon mailer for revenge. This clause will still allow for any new evidence/logs be introduced to Social to see if the resolved or open situation need reviewing.

Double Jeopardy

In order to avoid subjecting a player to multiple punitive actions for the same incident, we will not review an incident a second time after the initial incident has been reviewed. Any punitive actions to be given to any involved players should be given at the time of the initial review.

Once an incident has been reviewed by the Social Department for Code of Conduct violations or has been reviewed in the course of resolving a Grievance, the incident will not be subject to a second review unless new evidence relevant to the original incident has been submitted, deemed relevant by the Social leads, or the Grievance coordinator, and verified by the technical admin.

Players addressed or not-addressed during the initial review may not be subject to additional punitive actions unless additional evidence has been provided and a second review has been initiated.

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